Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I Hate Paper Piecing

There I said it, and I feel better now. I am working on a bee block for my "To Bee Orange and Aqua" group. There is no doubt that the block is beautiful and the finished quilt will be gorgeous, but I really do not love doing the paper piecing. I am not a precise quilter. I just do what I want with no real rules. Paper piecing is full of rules and having to do things in a very precise manor. I do think my head may burst from all the thinking that I am having to do.  This is not to say I will not paper piece. I do have 2 quilts in mind that I would love to make that are pieced in this way, but I really have to get myself jazzed up in order to start them. One day I will, but for now I just need to get through this block and get the dear thing in the mail back to the quilt maker.

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