Monday, July 18, 2011

A year

So we have been in Oregon for just a few days shy of a year. And wow what a year it has been. I have managed to live in 4 houses, only one of them rented, all others have been with family. I have made most of my family mad at me in one way or another, be it money related, or my big mouth, or them feeling that I am irresponsible in one way or another. All in all it has sucked. I am hanging in there in hopes of things getting better. We should be able to hunt for a house by November. I am really hoping that getting a place we can call our own will help us feel at home.
The hubby starts a new job this week. It will keep him on the road 5 or so days out of the week. Not great for the kids and I but it will help him stay out of all the family stuff that seems to follow me around. I feel sad dragging him to a place that is so full of negativity. I never thought San Antonio would remind me of good times. But it does. We had no money and I hated that city, but I didn't have the people troubles I do here. I see why being alone is an easier place for me. I pull away from human contact. All I do is rub people the wrong way. I guess I am having a bit of a woe is me day. They happen, not often, but they do.
I just need to sew something. Sewing always makes me feel better.