Monday, November 22, 2010

Wonky coins with tufted tweets

I have a huge need to make things, to create. I am unhappy when I don't. Right now in the living situation I am in right now creating anything is hard. I am such a mess sewer. I can't make a mess here without making people crazy. Setting up and taking down, setting up and taking down. It makes it hard to find the time for all that is involved. I try, but it doesn't happen as much as I would like. I find myself feeling sad when I don't have something to make. There is no lack of ideas but a lack of my own space.
I was able to finish up this fun quilt for me. I love it so. The colors make me happy!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

I did it again.

Saturday, November 13, 2010


Life is an interesting place for me right now. Not having our own place to live has led to some very interesting situations for me. I am not sure if I would be dealing with some of this stuff if things had worked out as we had expected when we started this trip we find ourselves on. We moved up here to Oregon in August. We thought it would be only a few weeks bumming off family. But the sale of my parents house fell through. They are still in Santa Cruz trying to sell a house in a really bad market and we are up here staying with family. I can not tell you how much I appreciate that they have made room for us here. there are a lot of us to make room for. But now that we are here and people have gotten a taste of my wonderful personality I have upset many people by just being me. I have come to the conclusion that I suck. But the funny thing is I am ok with sucking because that is who I am. I am very comfortable with myself. I know who I am and I feel like I am a good person but not a person many people like to be around for long bits of time. I love my family weather they understand me or not. I am sure there will be many more things I say or do that will upset or offend. Sad but true.

On a lighter note I have been able to do a little sewing. It is amazing how much I miss a good place to sew. I am a sad girl without sewing. I have Christmas coming I need to make gifts. Ack. I am working on a list of things I would like to make for people. I know I will not make it to everything thing but I will try.

I am finishing a quilt up for me. There are not many me quilts, but I love this one and knew it had to be mine the minute I saw the fabric. Mine mine mine. I will get a pic up when I finish.