Monday, January 2, 2012

floors and umbrellas

What a weekend. The hubby person and I (but mostly the hubby, i fear power tools with sharp edges) put in most, (we ran out of wood floor) Wood floor in my sewing room. I would have to say that it is freaking awesome. I bought all the floor samples and leftover chunks of wood flooring from this very nice man in a little flooring store. So with the hubby home for a few days, (he drives a big truck and is gone a lot) We spent a few days putting in what floor we had. We got all but 3.5 feet x the length of the room done. I love it. Its a patchwork floor.
So now I am getting my room set up so maybe I can use it for its intended reason.
I also need a place to hid on days like today. Wyatt has his best friend over and nobody is getting along. So I am in hiding. Its a scary place in the living room. So I sit safely back here typing and cutting up and umbrella. Pictures will soon follow.

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