Saturday, August 30, 2008

Monday, August 18, 2008


OK, so this may prove I am nuts or there are others that think Fritos are the perfect food. They may not be good for you, but they are yummy and they go with so many things. So here is my favorite Frito combo list.

  • Fritos and bananas

  • Fritos and peanut butter

  • Fritos in a PB&J sandwich

  • Fritos and yogurt

  • Fritos dipped in mustard

I think I need to get some sewing done. My mind has turned to mush. I still have a huge list of things to do but all I can think of are chips. This is funny because I don't normally care for chips. Fritos are the only kind I eat. They are Wyatt's new favorite so I seem to have them around a lot. Bummer.

This last week I did trade this bag for this...


Monday, August 11, 2008

Road Trips

Normally this would be a crafty blog but today I am going to share something about me.

I love road trips. With gas prices the way they are it put a big restriction on going anyplace. But I love to get out on the road and drive.

When we lived in California we would pack up our car and drive to LA on a whim. I love Disneyland more them anyplace I have been. Not that I have been many places. My hubby proposed in Disneyland and we had our honeymoon there. My kids have been more times then most people believe. Lucas, my 3 year old had been 6 times before we moved here and he was only 10 months when we moved. It was only a 6-8 hour drive from Santa Cruz and if we left at 2 or 3 in the morning we would be in Disneyland soon after it opened.

My Moms favorite crazy me story involving driving to Disneyland is...

My mom, grandma, brother and niece had been down there, I didn't have the money for tickets so we stayed home. When they got back they were showing us things they had picked up for themselves and us and my Mom said something about how she wished they could have used the last day on their pass, but they just couldn't. That is all she had to say. *One day left on passes* We were in the car two days later, 2am driving to LA, Hubby,Little Brother, 2 small kids and Me. We spent the day there and drove back after the park closed. I have never been so tiered in my life, but it was so much fun.

Now we live in Texas and a road trip to LA would be a big thing. Plus, I have made that drive and it isn't fun. But if I had a full tank of gas or maybe 5, I would be in my car driving like a crazy person to LA and spend the day in Disneyland.

By the way Maddie has been 16 times and she is only 7, She had the fun of spending the week of her 4th birthday in Disneyland. It was wonderful.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

what's your name fruithead

I am so tired I can't think of a good title.
What a busy week it has been. Well busy for a girl who stays home with kids and a sewing machine all week and doesn't venture out till the weekends. My Mom and Dad came for a visit this last week and we dropped them off at the airport just a few hours ago. So now we are home. The kids are sad but keeping themselves busy. We ran around all week.
It is funny how much of the city we saw when we first moved, but how much we still have to see.

The Japanese Tea Garden was a nice spot to run around. Although the kids were wondering were the tea was.

I got this wonderful quilt from the Miniature Booty swap from Colene. My two favorite colors. I love it Colene, Thank You so much. I took the picture then ran inside to hang it above my cutting table. It looks perfect.

It also reminds me to get mine finished and sent out. I am sure bad at the sending part. I have three packages ready and waiting to go to the Post office. This week, by Friday.

I finished a bag for my Grandma. She wanted something patchwork in black and white. So this is what I came up with. I think it turned out nice.

I hope to get a few things finished now that my company has gone home. I am on a strawberry hunt for the Strawberry Swap, I am reading Brothers Grimm tales for inspiration for the Fairy Tale Swap, I have a small quilt to work on for the Booty Swap, 2 quilts for the 6" Quilt swap and I need to finish the quilt for the Doll Quilt 4 swap. I may need to take a swapcation.