Monday, June 22, 2009

My Weekend

So my weekend plans had been a trip to Costco and working on my deer quilt. What my weekend turned into was a trip to a small town in Nevada to pick up my little brother and his friend after crashing his car and rendering it completely useless as a car. But I guess it could have made a nice planter box if he could have gotten it home.

We found out about his crash Friday evening and by 8 pm Hubby, Lucas and I were in the car heading their way. My Mom and Dad watched the other 2 kids. Friday night we made it as far as Hubby's family's house in Sacramento, then Saturday morning we drove out to Battle Mountain Nevada were they spent the night. We loaded the battered and bruised car crash victims into our car and drove to Reno for the night. Hubby took off to play the slots for a bit and Lucas and I played games at Circus Circus's midway. After hubby won a whopping $15 we went up to our room to get some sleep. Then Sunday morning after a big cup of coffee we were off for the drive home.

So all in all they are fine but little bro doesn't have a working car and we got to have a unexpected road trip.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

school is almost out

I love summer brake. I really love having all my kids home with me. This is not to say that they don't drive me a little crazy sometimes. But I really like them around.

Today was Madelyn's end of the year party. Lucky, lucky me, it was at a park. I really hate parks. To many kids Lucas can hit, push or kick. I tell you that boy is one of a kind. We talked all the way there about being a nice boy and keeping his hands and feet to himself. We got to the park a little after 10am and didn't leave till almost 2. That is a lot of time to make sure the boy was being good. i will have to say he did well. No reports of Lucas in flicked injury. Madelyn had a good time. I think I only saw her when she needed a drink or a tissue. They all three have nasty noses. Wyatt played alone mostly. He is a shy one and kinda keeps to himself.

No sewing today. I was so sleepy by the time we got home that a nap was much better sounding then anything else.

Tomorrow is the last day of school. Half a day too. Happy me!
Let the summer fun start.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Allie Quilt

This is another quilt I have been working on for far to long. This one I started in December and I finished it yesterday. It spent a long time folded up on a shelf. I pulled it out last week and worked in what little times bunches I had. I think it turned out nice, but I am sure sick of looking at it.

Next big quilt projects are Madelyn's woodland creatures and Lucas' space quilts. I am waiting on one more package of fabric for Madelyn's and I can't make up my mind on Lucas'. I have 4 different lines of space fabric to choose from and I am having trouble picking.

What do you think?