Monday, May 21, 2012

Me and my drill

First off I am in no way associated with Rockwell tools nor do I have any great giveaway. I am just a girl who was tired of using her husbands big heavy hard to manage corded drill. So I played with a few at Lowes and really liked this one. There is a lot of torque in this little thing. You don't have to fight with the rounded thing on the front to switch bits, it uses bits with a hexagon bottom that chuck into the drill, or 3rill as its called. Screwdriver, drill and impact driver thing. Oh and it has this clutch thing that stops you from rounding out your screw heads. Something I am famous for with my hubby's drill. So this little beauty came home with me. I just hung a shelf on my sewing room wall and put together a slatted wood sign thing. (I am very into technical terms) I am smitten.