Tuesday, December 6, 2011

We are working hard at getting settled in our new house. I feel like I have been moving for a year and a half, so it is nice to find the end. Our house was built in 1955, it has old wood floor hidden under the carpets, so we are pulling them up one room at a time. So far my living room is set up, I still have some things to hang on the walls, but all in all it is good.
My sewing room is the place I am most excited about. It is a great space, 15 feet by 22 feet. Nice big room. The trouble is that it was stuck so far into the 1970's. Nasty wood paneling and shag carpeting. The carpet was the first thing to go, (sadly it has been sitting outside in the rain) and the paneling is primed and ready for paint. I just picked up my flooring, well most of it. I will soon have what I call my patchwork hardwood floor. I went to this super nice floor guy and asked if he would sell me whatever leftover wood he had. So he has spent the last few weeks digging out floor samples and leftovers for me. I have about every color wood floor you can find. He charged me less then what cheep fake wood flooring would have cost. It will be beautiful!
So soon I will be happily sewing away on the huge nameless Gammill quilter. Once I get the tension right and that stinking thread stops snapping on me. Grumble!
The Christmas stuff is out, the tree is lit and I hope that a few days a week I will remember to turn on our house lights.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Bad at this blog thing

I am so bad at this blog thing.
So here is what has been happening. We have a house, yay! It has been a long year and a half and I am very happy to say it is over and now we are on to new adventures. Like painting, I hate painting. I have a huge sewing room. So happy too because I also have an old Gammill long arm quilting machine that has come to live with me. It fits great in my sewing room. The room is a work in progress though. Lots of primer over 1970's wood paneling. But It will soon look great. I am trying to decide between a very bold aqua color or the grey I have in the rest of the house. The grey is warm and makes me happy but the aqua is bold and beautiful. Yup, still thinking on that one. So right now life is unpacking and painting. All I want to do is get sewing though. In a week or so I hope.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Reliving Life

So it is 1:30 in the morning. I should be sleeping but I'm not. I was sitting at my sewing machine working on a bag, (Birdie Sling by Amy Butler) and thinking. I am thinking about how my life has been this last year. I have had to deal with some stuff that I have never dealt with before. Some things like moving to a new state, well I have done that but this one was a little different because we have family here, My hubby loosing his job, months with no income, living on the little that was put back, living with family that I knew but not that well, and know now maybe too well, hubby going to school to drive very large trucks, getting a job that has him on the road 5 days a week. All in all it has been a busy and very trying year. I am very thankful that I don't have a tendency to be depressed because this year may have killed me if I did.
Last July we moved up to Oregon from our home in Santa Cruz, California. We came up here with big dreams and the hope of getting to know my dads side of the family. We had visited a few times in my childhood and a few times in adulthood. I truly have a loving family. But when we came up here we were thinking it would only be a few weeks living with family and then we would be finding a house of our own. My parents were selling their home in Santa Cruz and moving up to Oregon and had offered to put a down payment on a home for my little big family. The first offer they got, that was suppose to close a few days after we made it up here, it fell through. Not nice. So their house went back on the market and the waiting game began again. We lived with my grandparents for a few weeks. The time we spent there I felt no mater how hard I tried nothing I did to help them out was done right. Sad really. With my hubby taking a big pay cut we were trying to figure out what to do. My wonderful cousin and Aunt offered a room in their home till things were figured out. We spent a little over 4 months with them. We laughed a lot, had some hard times, my help was better excepted, (well so I thought) there. The company that my hubby worked for offered us a house on their property. So in January we moved out of my aunts and into what I called the 70's vomit house. It was a 40 minute drive to get the kids to school every day then a 40 minute drive home. It sucked but we had our own place for a bit. Rent was cheep and we were able to get a few things we wanted/needed. It felt good. Little did I know, the trouble was a brewing. Feelings were being hurt and noses disjointed. But at this time I didn't really know. So after a few months there my parents house finally sold and they moved up into our lovely house of vomit. They started a house hunt for them, we looked at a few houses for us, they found one and paid it in cash and thought they would use their instant equity for a downpayment for us. Hubby lost his job due to paperwork not being as it should have been. All of us, my crew and my parents and grandmother (mom's mom) moved into their new house that really isn't big enough for all of us but we are making it work. I found a house that was great but when we looked into making an offer we found out that my parents couldn't pull from their equity for 6 months. Well that was a shocker. But we are dealing with it. My dad was spending time visiting his sisters and parents, then coming home and telling me all the lovely thing that were being said about me. All kinds of trouble I had caused with out even knowing it. I hadn't helped enough, I should have payed for more things, didn't keep things as clean as I should, and sadly the list goes on and on. And keeps going on. Every time I think something has been worked out then back it all comes. When you ask but are never told of what is expected of you , you don't know. Then with everyone holding on to all kinds of crap that I had no idea about is making me crazy. So here I sit in a state that I would never have moved to if it wasn't full of family, and my family thinks I'm shit. I am stuck in a situation that I can in no way rectify. It is some fun stuff I tell you.
Thank mercy goodness I go with the flow really well. I will at some point in time have a house that will be all my own. I can then work on making this place feel like home. I may even see my family from time to time, I will try to be on my very best behavior, use my manors and perhaps hand out gobs of cash. But first I will have to find it, I somehow misplaced my gobs of cash. So sad. Just needed to boo hoo a bit. Now back to the regularly scheduled program.

Monday, July 18, 2011

A year

So we have been in Oregon for just a few days shy of a year. And wow what a year it has been. I have managed to live in 4 houses, only one of them rented, all others have been with family. I have made most of my family mad at me in one way or another, be it money related, or my big mouth, or them feeling that I am irresponsible in one way or another. All in all it has sucked. I am hanging in there in hopes of things getting better. We should be able to hunt for a house by November. I am really hoping that getting a place we can call our own will help us feel at home.
The hubby starts a new job this week. It will keep him on the road 5 or so days out of the week. Not great for the kids and I but it will help him stay out of all the family stuff that seems to follow me around. I feel sad dragging him to a place that is so full of negativity. I never thought San Antonio would remind me of good times. But it does. We had no money and I hated that city, but I didn't have the people troubles I do here. I see why being alone is an easier place for me. I pull away from human contact. All I do is rub people the wrong way. I guess I am having a bit of a woe is me day. They happen, not often, but they do.
I just need to sew something. Sewing always makes me feel better.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Got the sewing mojo back

I am sewing again
Oh yes I am sewing again.
I am finally feeling it.
I don't know if it had to do with taking care of a little one and 3 other kids or bad living situations. But the living thing still sucks, but I am sewing. I am thinking it is a sanity thing. My hubby lost his job and with that we lost the house we were living in. We lived on sight.
So I am working on way to many things at one time. A few quilts, a few pillows, some baby stuff, yay!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A New Year and A New Begining (I hope)

So another year has passed. I would say quickly, and it has been fast in some ways, but all in all it was not a fast going year.
In February we brought home out baby girl. I cannot believe it has almost been a year now. That is the one thing that has flown by so fast. Soon she will be toddling around. With her being my last baby I just want her to slow down a bit.
April Dave and I had our 10 year anniversary. And spent some time almost alone in Hawaii. We brought Abbie with us. But the other kiddo's stayed with Mamaw and Papa.
We moved from Santa Cruz to Medford OR. in August. We have spent a lot of time with family from my dad's side. and that brings us to now.
We will be moving into a rental house this weekend. It will be nice to see my stuff again and to be able to spread out a bit. We have lived in one room of my aunts house for the last few months. Poor her huh? But what I want the most is a good place to sew. It has been a long time. I have been able to do a few things but not to the degree my brain has been creating things. It is time to get them out of my head and onto fabric. I may blow up if I don't.
I hope this year hold some great things and happy times.