Monday, December 30, 2013

New Year-New Start

As a new year is about to start, I thought I would start to try this blogging thing again. It has been a while. This last year has been an interesting one.

Right now our furnace is out. Only one room has heat. The rest of the house has dropped down into the 40's. Thank goodness for space heaters. We are currently camping out in our family room, waiting to find the right part to fix our heater. 

Our family tried our hand with foster care. What a road that was to travel. But the impact it was having on our kids was to negative to continue. 

Our son was diagnosed with ADHD and high functioning Autism. So that has been another interesting road to travel. We are learning how to help him succeed in his everyday life. Things are going well. He even does his homework without the breakdowns that we were dealing with. 

I am also homeschooling our oldest kid. It is a learning experience for both of us. 

Sad to say, I haven't been able to do as much quilting as I would have liked. My creativity has just not  been there. I am wanting to start new and really be able to dig into my brain and have some fun creating some beautiful happy quilts.