Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Bacon Monster

I was asked what the story was behind my friend the BACON MONSTER.
So first you have to know I come from a family who doesn't take anything seriously. We make a joke out of everything. And I am telling everything, there seem to be no taboo subjects out there. So here is the bacon story.
My dad is a correctional officer and has been one for around 20 years. Not a fun job and apparently taking care of bad and a lot of times very stupid people can get to you a bit. My dad (who I call Fred, his name is Michael, that's another story) was having a particularly bad day at work, went to the kitchen to get something to eat. I am guessing bacon was on the menu, but when he got in there it was all gone. I don't know how many other people witness the actions of the bacon less man, but I would say a few. My father pick up, from what I was told was a stack of pots and pans and proceeded to not so gracefully chuck them across the room. I would imagine a long list of colorful words joined the flying pots and pans. Well his actions were reported to the proper people and he was sent home and required to go to some therapy sessions. My mother upon hearing about the bacon brake down went running to the store and picked up a lot of bacon to have in the fridge when he got home. She didn't want a repeat of the fit thrown at work. So armed with a fridge full of bacon, off he went to what we refereed to as BACON THERAPY.
Now with me living 1700 miles away from my family could not be left out of the loop so I put together the Bacon Monster.


LauraJ said...

That's quite a story! Bacon Monster. Watch out or he'll rear his greasy head. HA :D

jillytacy said...

Funny story! Humor is a great way to deal with life's messy(greasy bacon) moments! Now when your dad gets upset he can squeeze the bacon monster. That sounds like bacon therapy.
I finally got a start on your June mini quilt. I'll keep you posted on my progress.

Michael Lockridge said...

Mmmmm! Bacon!

Hey, they have deep fried bacon just one short hour away from your place!

We can go there when we visit. I can take my own pan with me, in case they run out.


Katy said...

Your poor dad, I do feel sorry for him having bacon therapy. It's not surprising he went mental went the bacon ran out...I'd do the same