Monday, June 9, 2008

ABC's of me.

Because I am new at this blog thing I thought I would do this little thing.

The ABC's of me.

  • Accent- does a California girl have an accent?

  • Breakfast or no breakfast- yes

  • Chore I don't like- I hate cleaning my house but if I had to choose one it would be the dishes

  • Dog or Cat- I have both and they both bug me. I like the tortoise, he doesn't bark or trip me

  • Essential electronic- my computer (Hudson) and my Ipod

  • Favorite Cologne- I don't know. I love the mango mandarin stuff from Bath and Body Works

  • Gold or Silver- Silver

  • Handbag I carry most often-

  • Insomnia- sometimes
  • Job Title- Wife/Mommy
  • Kids- 3 *girl- 6 years *2 boys- 4 years, 3 years (next week)
  • Living arrangements- we bought our first house 2 years ago. (we had to move from California to Texas to do it)
  • Most admirable trait-
  • Naughtiest Childhood Trait- stubbornness
  • Overnight Hospital Stays- just when I had my kids
  • Phobias- fish and clowns (yes, fish scare the living daylights out of me)
  • Quote- There is nothing worse then an uneducated rabbit- Katy from
  • Reason to smile- My kids, my hubby, family and friends
  • Siblings- Matthew my big bro and Jon my little bro
  • Time to wake up- our wonderful dogs wake me up every morning at 6:30 and i wish they would stop it.
  • Unusual talent or skill- I can tie a cherry stem in a knot in my mouth sometimes 2 knots
  • Vegetables I Refuse to eat- Brussels sprouts
  • Worst Habit- brutal honesty and sarcasm
  • X-rays- to many to say- knees, hands, wrist, elbow, toes and most likely more (i am a bit accident prone)
  • Yummy Stuff- Starbucks and cheesecake but not necessarily together
  • Zoo animals I like the most- I don't know but my kids like to watch the hippos poop. They think its funny every time


Katy said...

you missed out most admirable trait. I'd say it was your generous spirit. But then, that's coz I am biased.
Got to agree with the sprouts. I don't believe a single person when they say they like them, it's just that they think they do....

jillytacy said...

I enjoyed reading your ABCs. A tortoise, huh! My daughter loves turtles but it seems like a lot more work than a new cat would be.
By the way I think stubbornness is a good trait not naughty. Then again I'm stubborn too so I would say that!

Jacquie said...

Thanks for sharing all of this. A good way to start to get to know you. I'm a cheesecake girl york style, a little on the dry toppings.

LauraJ said...

I laughed at the pets-They bug you! Lol..Animals bug me too! But they are cute though!

susan said...

fun and funny list!
and i love b sprouts, katy, i really do!!

trashalou said...

Oh! I am stealing this one - thanks Beth!