Wednesday, July 23, 2008

you shut your mouth when you are talking to me

That one is from The Wedding Crashes. Makes my hubby laugh every time we watch that movie. It has been on TV a lot lately. Hubby used that one on one of his employees. Left him speechless. That is had to do to that guy.

I have had to live without the computer for 2 days. It was terrible I tell you. Hudson had a bad case of the computer hiccups or something. But he is back to his wonderful self. I am a much happier person also. Apparently I have a computer/Internet addiction and I was not a nice person. I think my family would have to move out if I lost the computer, my sewing machine and coffee at the same time. Sorry Family.

Did I show you my new cutting table? No, OK I needed a place to cut fabric on. Something on the tall side because I like to stand when I cut. I have a hard time sitting when playing board games or card games to. So I wanted something I wouldn't have to bend over to far to cut fabric on. This makes finding a table difficult. Finally after a lot of hunting I decided that i would have to have Hubby build one. I think it turned out better then anything I could have found. Plus I painted it a happy color.

I lub it.

You would think with no computer I may have gotten all kinds of sewing done. Well not I started a few things but nothing has been finished. I am trying to get a messenger bag finished for Maddie for her 7th birthday on the 31st. My parents come into town on Monday so I need to be finished before then. After they come we will be living at Cracker Barrel. They don't have them in California so they need to eat it as many times as they can while here. So I should get on it.


John said...

I lub your cutting table, too! I am 6'4" (with a bad back) and I am desperately hunting for something standing-height to use as a cutting table. As I am sure you know, not too easy to find. I am jealous that you were able to have one custom made! I guess I didn't get the more traditional man talent of woodworking.

Kirsten, Mike and The Boys said...

I too would die without the computer/internet. It goes out for an hour and I wander aimlessly through the house looking for something to do . . . Okay, not quite true, but close.

Tell your parents hi from me when they get there!

Lis said...

I love that table, good job husband!

Michael Lockridge said...

Mmmmm! Cracker Barrel! And Rudy's!

Just a few more days!

And, Hi, Kirsten! I come here often. It is in my list of blogs I read.

Computer addiction? I can quit any time I want! I just don't want to right now.

Gotta go! More blogs to read!

ayumills said...

What a cute cutting table!! I love it! I wish somebody could make a tale like this too. you're lucky!

upstateLisa said...

My hubby made me a great cutting table that is ergonomically just right for me!!! But I love the color of yours!!!!

jillytacy said...

Sorry to hear about Hudson. I'd be lost without my computer! Thankfully I have technical help anytime I need it. My husband's a computer guy so he fixes any computer issues that come up.
Happy Birthday to Maddie! I hope you have a great time while your parents are visiting!

susan said...

hehe you make me laugh girlie!!
oh your table is loverly!! its nice when hubbys do what you say, i mean make things for you! mmm i could go for a bun or biscuit from cracker barrel!! ooo teen and i could live off the breads alone!!!smothered in butter of course

Lauri said...

I have just realized this summer (took me 40 years, but, eh...guess I have better things to do...) that I stand up a lot, too, when I am working or not, even watching TV.

What finally made me realize it was when I had gone to an art retreat and for 2 days everyone was sitting around working on their stuff...and I had been standing the whole time! lol! LOVE your table!