Monday, July 28, 2008

Drink Coffee, do stupid things faster with more energy.

That isn't a movie quote. It is what a card said that I got in the mail today. Made me laugh.

What a long weekend I have had. I have been working on kids room to get them under some bit of control for my parents. They will have to sleep in the kids rooms. They land here in San Antonio tonight. Late tonight. Like almost tomorrow, tonight. I will have to say I am a big chicken and I don't like driving around this city so late at night without Hubby. He has to work late and doesn't know if he will be back in time. GREAT!

We went over to a friends last night and came home with a kitten. I have a huge weakness for Kitty's. So this is Frappuccino.

So I have a bit of a thing for Starbucks. Nothing major.

I had a fun trip to the mail box today.

First I got this wonderful package for the super wonderful Katy. It is for Madelyn for her Birthday. We will see what is wrapped up tight on the 31st. She also added a few cards for me. They are worth a good snort. They had me laughing. She and I had the same favorite. *Damn Right I'm Good In Bed I Can Sleep For Days*

Then I opened my doll quilt form The Doll Quilt 4 Swap. Oh my goodness, I love it so much. What an amazingly fun quilt. I took a pic outside where the light is good then came in an got it up on my wall. Did I say I loved It? Thank You Amy!

Then I opened my July 6" quilt swap package. What fun I had opening this one up. Not only did I get myself a way cute little quilt but also a sweet little pin cushion and a stack of fabric squares. Thank You very much lucyellen. I love it all. I am having trouble finding the picture, I will post it soon. Sorry!

My family will be around till the 6th. Blogging my be a bit slow.


susan said...

oh such a sweet quiltie! i so would love to have that one in my home! and that is so funny you named your kitty frappacchino! i am SOOO addicted to those!!! i even went out to the gas station and 1145 one nite so i could just have a sip of one, and they were all out!! can you imagine??? i almost cried

Anonymous said...

you're so welcome ! I'm so glad you liked your mini quilt and the pin cushion ~ and congrats on the adorable new kitten ~ what a great name :0)

Lauri said...

Hey! I just found your blog by linking over from 'A Stitch in Dye'...wanted you to know that there is at least one cool crafter in San Antonio.

Oh yeah...that's me! lol! (Maybe it's because I was born in Austin?)

I also have a Starbucks thing, and a thing for kitties...I'm afraid if I say how many we have, our HOA may find out and we'll be in trouble...ok, we have 4. All rescued. I have 3 kids: a girl who is 14, a son who is 10, and my youngest daughter Claire, who will be 7 in about a month.

I really love your blog, so do you mind if I add you to my bloglines?Maybe we can get together at Starbucks sometime! Anytime you're available!

Kimmie said...

Pretty cool swaps you're in! We have a treasured doll quilt from great-grandma - she has now passed on - yours from the swap is very very sweet :)