Monday, January 25, 2010

ready to have this baby

I think I am in boo hoo mode now. Not sleeping well, large and very uncomfortable. Very ready to have this baby. I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes a while back. I get to check my blood sugar 3-4 times a day. My fingers hurt. And with how determined I have been to eat the right things and snack right (i am not a snacker so its hard) I still have had blood sugar numbers all over the place. It is crazy. I have lost weight in a time where I should be gaining. But I think that is due to a totally new way of eating. I miss chocolate and pumpkin spice starbucks.

I think I finally have all the baby things I needed. Crib is set up painted pink and ready for baby. Infant seat is ready and well equipped with the orange owl quilt. Then the smaller stuff is also purchased and ready. Now all I need is baby Abbie. So the clock tics on and I dilate further and further without any real labor starting. I go in tomorrow, it will be interesting to see if I am further then I was last Tuesday. I was just shy of 4cm. Almost half way there.

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thwartedcheekychimp said...

wow I love your little baby quilt! Best wishes for you and your little one!