Friday, January 15, 2010

Lack Of Brain Function

Proof once again that me and my pregnant brain do not get along. Wyatt lost a tooth at school yesterday. So he spent the entire day running around talking about the tooth fairy coming that night. So I made all the arrangements that needed to be done to make sure the tooth fairy succeeded. Then I went to bed. Yup, I forgot to the tooth removal and the depositing of cash. When I got up Wyatt met me outside his room with a very sad look on his face. *Oh crap, stupid mommy.* was what was going through my head. He told me how sad he was that the tooth fairy hadn't come. I told him that maybe she had way to many houses to visit last night and maybe he needed to try again tonight. But the poor boy was still looking heart broken. Than Madelyn gets up and he told her his sad tail. So while they were talking I ran back to my room and took $5 out of hubby's wallet rolled up one of those gold dollar coins in it and headed into his room. I was able to hide the money in one of his stuffed animals mouths. Then I called him in there and told the boy he didn't look very good and that the elephant looked like he had something in his mouth. He pulled out his riches and was so excited that the tooth fairy had played a trick on him. So this is now know as the day that the elephant saved my a**.

Then just to add to the already crazy morning we were having Madelyn's kitty came home. Her kitty has always been an inside cat. No outside skills at all. She got out a few days ago. Madelyn has been a mess. But this morning I heard a lot of kitty crying outside the front door. So her baby came home. And even with all the crazy excitement we made it to school on time. Now I am ready for a nap. No more excitement for me today please. I have had all I can take.

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