Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Pumpkin Patch a Birthday and a Trip

We spent Saturday driving up the California coast from Santa Cruz to Half Moon Bay to go pumpkin hunting. We have been going to this pumpkin patch for years. Well not the years we spent in San Antonio. But years anyway. But I guess in our few years off they decided to go all nuts and up the prices for all the fun things to do. And there was all kinds of ways to spend your cash. We had lots of fun anyway. We ran, well everyone but me ran around trying to find the perfect pumpkin. Wyatt took no time at all, Lucas was next but had a hard time focusing at the task at hand. Way to many things to climb on, hang on or crawl under. But finally he found the pumpkin that would come home with him. Then we had Madelyn. She picked up and looked over a hundred pumpkins before picking hers. I guess she gets that from me. I drive everyone nuts at the Christmas Tree Farm. It takes a long time to find the perfect tree. So after Madelyn hunted and hunted she finally found a worthy pumpkin. So then it was off to the hay maze and bounce house. Madelyn, her cousin Allie, my brother and my hubby ran off to do the hay maze and I took the boyz to bounce. It would have been nice of them to put in a few places for the grown ups to sit. It was kinda funny watching all the moms and dads looking impatient while the kids were happily bouncing away.

This little boy will be 6 on Thursday. So off to Disneyland we go to have the best birthday/Halloween ever. We are taking 6 days off to go play like crazy people, eat yummy food ride on rides and dress up for Halloween and run around Disneyland. Even 6 months prego I will be living it up in the Happiest Place on Earth. I may even be more excited then the kids. And they are so excited I don't think there will be much sleeping tonight.

So off I go to finish packing.
Have a wonderful Halloween everyone!

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