Saturday, November 7, 2009

Birthday, Disneyland and a funny thing

We spent Wyatt's 6th birthday in Disneyland. Halloween also, being that Wyatt was born on the 29th and Halloween is the 31st. So we made a good trip out of it and spent 6 days in Disneyland. Yes I made it even though I am 6 months pregnant and have a huge belly. Everyone had a great time. Wyatts birthday was spent eating breakfast at Goofy's Kitchen. Super fun place for the kids to eat. The characters come visit you at your table and take pictures and sign cards for the birthday kid. Lucas spent most of his time under the table hiding from all those scary Disney characters. Silly boy. Then we were off to California Adventure. Wyatt loves Bug Land and the new Pixar Toy Story ride. Then we went over to Disneyland park.

Halloween was spent at Disneyland with the kids all dresses up. Madelyn was Minnie Mouse, Wyatt was Jack Skellington and Lucas was Spiderman. They all looked too cute. Because there was no Trick-or-Treating we took them to the candy store on Main Street and let them pick a few sugar filled treats.

The crowds were low and the weather was nice. What more can you ask for?

So on to my funny thing-

We live in a small neighborhood that has only two ways in and out. One is over the scary rickety bridge and the other is a gated fire exit. This is there for big trucks that go over the weight limit of the bridge. When the gate is open a lot of people take that way out. My Hubby drives a huge work truck and takes that way whenever he can. He even has a way to make the gate look locked so the big people in charge of the gate don't really lock it. (normally you would have to call and arrange for them to unlock it, big pain) So I guess the county doesn't want people using this exit and are talking about pulling people over and big fines for using this way out.

Last night Hubby's boss called and asked if Hubby could bring the truck back to the shop. So last night at 11 I get into my car to follow him in to pick him up. I guess I could have let him sleep at work but I am nicer then that. So off we go. I followed him out of the fire exit thinking *I hope there are no cops out there*. I turned a little hard and bumped the curb on my way out. That is when I saw the flashing lights out the back window. I say something bad and look out the back window again. Flashing lights but no cars. What the heck? So I keep going. Look back again and no lights, and still no other cars. Confused I keep following Hubby in spending more time looking out the back window then I should. So by the time I got to Hubby's work I was a little spooked. I got out of the car and walked over and opened the back. Then I saw it. A bouncy ball that flashed red and blue lights when bounced. I guess the curb was enough to set the stinkin thing off. I laughed all the way home. So no cops and no ticket, just an over active bouncy ball and a good laugh.

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Michael Lockridge said...

Now we just have to figure out how to set that up so we can do it TO someone!