Thursday, May 28, 2009

It only took me 6 months

Yup that's right, 6 months. Not that I worked on it all that time. But I am so happy it is finished. Wyatt asked me to make him a pirate quilt. So I spent some time collecting fabrics. Then I spent some time cutting. And some time sewing blocks, then sashing. Pinning and quilting. Then last night I finished up the binding, tossed it in the wash and then dried it. After it was nice and dry, I snuck into Wyatt's room and put it over him. He was so excited this morning when he woke up. He has been dragging it all over the house with him today. I think he has thanked me 250 time. It is always good to know that the time you spent was well worth the happy day he got from his new quilt. Now it is on to the other two kiddos.


LauraJ said...

it's a wonderful quilt for a wonderful boy! let's hope you don't move again your next quilts are little quicker in production. :)

Beth said...

Aww, how cute of him! Yeah to getting it finished, I bet that feels good!

Melissa Haren said...

This is great! And congrats on the perseverance to last 6 months! By the way, I decided to choose two winners in my May Giveaway drawing and yours was chosen second. The first winner chose the mushroom pin cushion, but if you are interested in one of the remaining three, let me know which one and send your address and I will get it off to you!