Sunday, May 17, 2009


I took Maddie out to an art supply store to stock up on some fun things. Pastels and artist pencils, watercolors and some good paper. Her grandma gave her a table top art easel to work on and she wanted some real art stuff. So off we went down town to get some stuff. She had a great time looking at all the art supplies. She would like to be an artist when she grows up.

Then when we were finished spending a small fortune on her we went down the street to Urban Outfitters It has got to be one of my favorite stores. Just so much fun. I found some great windup owls on sale. Had to get me one and one for a buddy. They are mystery colored. All closed up in their box. I was lucky enough to get the super awesome green one. I don't have any idea what color miss buddy's owl is. I will have to wait till she gets it. I was tempted to peek but I am being a good girl and I will wait. I also found the great and wonderful Paper Voodoo. So great, how can you go wrong. How many times have you felt the need to put a hex on somebody but you had no idea how. Welcome the paper voodoo doll. Happy me!

I am so stiff and sore from a bunch of work that hubby and I did yesterday. We took out an old sliding glass door and put a wall up in its place. So our day started out great. We went to Home Depot to get the stuff we needed. Well hubby dropped me off at Starbucks and I walked from Starbucks over to the fabric store then I wandered over to Home Depot. We got the stuff we needed and went out to my dads truck that we had borrowed for hauling supplies and some wonderful person had sent something through one of the truck windows. Thankfully he left a note so hopefully it will be fixed. After that we went back home and got to play with more glass. There was no safe way to get the doors out of the house without breaking them so I had a little fun with a lot of tape and a hammer. But by the end of the day we had a almost complete project. Hubby is finishing it up right now. He is kinds scary with a nail gun.

What did you do over your weekend?


Katy said...

paper voodooo and a wind up owl? Oh that's got to be the best kind of shopping!!!
This weekend I went for a cup of tea and a sausage sandwich with a new friend, and then had to restrain myself from shouting at my in-laws because of their unruly child. Fun Fun Fun.

Beth said...

Hee, Hee, What did he do now? Stinkin kid and rotten parents.