Thursday, November 17, 2011

Bad at this blog thing

I am so bad at this blog thing.
So here is what has been happening. We have a house, yay! It has been a long year and a half and I am very happy to say it is over and now we are on to new adventures. Like painting, I hate painting. I have a huge sewing room. So happy too because I also have an old Gammill long arm quilting machine that has come to live with me. It fits great in my sewing room. The room is a work in progress though. Lots of primer over 1970's wood paneling. But It will soon look great. I am trying to decide between a very bold aqua color or the grey I have in the rest of the house. The grey is warm and makes me happy but the aqua is bold and beautiful. Yup, still thinking on that one. So right now life is unpacking and painting. All I want to do is get sewing though. In a week or so I hope.

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