Monday, May 17, 2010


Life is full of them. More are happening around here. We are spending our days painting and scrubbing and tossing out the junk. There is a lot of junk. We will be moving again soon. We have been living with my family for a year now. They have decided that living here isn't working after my dads retirement. So they are selling their house and moving to Medford Or. They are buying 2 homes and we will be living in one of them. It will be nice to spread out and have some room. A sewing room maybe. That would be so very nice. So instead of sewing I am painting.
I hope we will be finished soon. My arms are killing me.
I do have some super fun things going on soon. I super amazing friend is coming to spend a few days with me from very far away. I am counting down the days. (and going a little crazy with excitement) Then a trip to Hawaii with the hubby guy. We have been married for 10 years now and this will be our first trip almost kid free. Abbie will be tagging along. I am strangely not a Hawaii fan. We will see if it is more fun with the hubby.

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