Thursday, July 8, 2010

Crazy Life

So much has been going on. But where to start? Hummm?
* Our trip was nice. I still can't say that I love Hawaii. But it was nice to be away. The nicest day was the day we rented a jeep and took off just to drive around the island. We saw sea turtles basking in the sun on the beach, ate shrimp out of a truck(yummy), went on a silly tour behind a macadamia nut plantation place, and just drove. We will not mention hubby getting lost trying to find Punch Bowl cemetery driving to fast and scaring the s*** out of me. Grumbling and cussing and being unpleasant. Finally getting there then being mad at me for not caring or having any need to get out of the jeep. I'll keep that to myself.
* Lucas had his 5th birthday while we were gone. That made me sad. So we got him a huge anamatronic Dino that he loves.
* Got an offer on the house after 2 days on the market.
*Lots of house cleaning
*Finishing up a quilt for a friends little girl.
* teething baby
* making pillows
* making beds

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