Thursday, April 1, 2010

On my second cup of coffee

I am on cup number two this morning. Having a quiet moment is something that i am not accustomed too. It is after 10am and Lucas is still sleeping, Madelyn and Wyatt are at school and Abbie is napping. So here I am on cup number 2. (Lucas was up really late so he is sleeping in, a lot in) So what to do in my quiet moment? I really don't know. I have spent some time online looking into home preschool programs for Lucas. I am trying to decide if I should send him to Kindergarten in the fall or to give him one more year at home. I don't feel he is ready and I don't think the next few months will change a thing. I can't get him to sit still for 30 seconds. So how could he be expected to in a school situation. He would disrupt the whole class. So I am thinking we will start in the mornings working on some preschool stuff to see what happens. Any ideas on what programs are good?
I need to catch up on some swaps. I have had a hard time getting myself back into sewing. Having a baby has thrown off my sewing mojo. But I am trying. As much as I have loved these swaps I think I need some time off. Maybe I can get myself to finish up some of the quilt tops I have sitting around.

March was an interesting month. We ended up running up to Oregon to be with some of my family. We had gotten a call that my Grandmother (my dads mom) was rushed into the hospital. She was very unresponsive and not breathing well. When we heard how bad it seemed I got my gaggle of kids packed up and my dad, Dave, the kids and I squeezed into my car and we headed out for Oregon. We drove all night and got in around 6 am. Not knowing how my grandma was doing. I was able to go in to see her later that day. I have never seen such a contraption that they had strapped to her head. This mask thing that was doing all of her breathing for her. I guess it was better then a tube down her throat but she was not happy. Unable to talk she was so frustrated. But she did get out that she wanted to see Abbie. "Where is my baby?" she asked. No kids were allowed in ICU so I showed her pictures on my phone. I left feeling horrible. Hoping and praying that she would be able to meet her great granddaughter before we had to head home. She spent the next few days getting better and better and after about 5 days in the ICU they moved her into a room where she could have the kids come in to see her. She wasn't able to hold her but she did get to see her. We had to leave for home before they let her out of the hospital. But I am so happy we were able to drop everything and go. We had a great time with the family we are not able to see very often. After we knew my grandma was going to be alright the sad lifted and we were able to let all the silliness out and just have a good time together. A lot of laughing and swimming and playing.
But it is good to be home and get back to our everyday lives. Happy that everyone is happy and healthy.
Now i have a visit from a great and wonderful friend and a trip with my hubby to look forward to. I am ready for June.

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