Sunday, December 13, 2009


I have decided that technology hates me. in the last 2 weeks I have had to set my iphone back to factory settings and then my computer went on the fritz. So after 3 days of trying to get the stupid thing going I have the joy of packing it up and sending it back to HP to get fixed. Everything that could have gone wrong on it seems to have. So here I am using my hubbys computer. Mine should be back in 2 weeks or so. Ack 2 weeks without my computer, I may go insane. Or I may get a ton of work done. My sewing gift list seems to be huge. My main focused is Madelyn's quilt. After that I am tying to finish a patchwork duvet cover for my grandma. I have other things on my list but at this point they my not get done in time and I am not going to kill myself trying.

So yesterday was my 31st birthday. I would still like to know if I am suppose to act like a grown up now that I am in my 30's. Do grown ups get vulture dolls and think they are the greatest thing ever? Well I did. And when I have my computer back I will get a picture of him. He needs a name. What is a good vulture name? I also got some new quilting supplies. And a quarter from my brother. We have had a silly birthday thing going on for the last 10 years or so. It started with a quarter to him on his birthday and then he upped it for mine and I got 2 quarters. It has gone up and up through the years. He will never be able to beat last years gift. We were still in Texas and he was here in Cali. So instead of sending me a bunch of quarters he took 30 pictures of a quarter in different places and text ed them to me all day long. The quarter on the back of a toy horse making it a quarter horse and the french guy holding the quarter making it the french quarter were my favorites. So this year we are back down to one quarter. Too fun.

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