Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Two Finished Quilts In A Week

That's not bad. I got 2 quilts finished in a week. One I have been working on for a long time. The other was started and finished in 2 days.

This one was made for my brother. I started it maybe 2 years ago. The poor thing has sat in my ufo pile for so long. I pulled it out and tried to get it finished for his birthday. But that came and went. I finished the quilt up and gave it to him the other day. I think he liked it. But non of us are very good at showing our excitement.
This quilt was made for a friend who had a little baby girl this week. It is nice to know that some things don't take me forever to complete. This was made in 2 days. I even tried my hand at free motion quilting. It went ok. Some stitches are a bit spaced out. But I have never done one this size. Just doll size. I am not ready for a twin yet but maybe one day soon I will take that leap.


Katy said...

they're both awesome. I have always loved that gnome quilt.

I need to get to grips with free motion quilting. One day, right?

Beth said...

wow, i think they are both great! and it must fee good to have them finished up!