Thursday, November 6, 2008

Tagged I'm It

I have been tagged by
7 random things about me.

1. Fish scare the living daylight out of me. I love to go to places with water but will not go in it. I miss living close (10 minutes away) to the ocean but because of the presence of fish I will not enter. I have seen the ocean from the beautiful beaches of Hawaii and Costa Rica and only went in because I was grabbed tossed of the shoulder of a friend and ran strait into it. I got out fast. I have had fish jump out of aquariums and hit me. I hate fish. Ack.

2. Clowns scare me. I had a clown at a gas station grab me and try to dance. I also got into a strange argument with a mime in Disneyland. I was the only one talking but we did have a good crowd gathered around. I told him I didn't like clowns and I think he was trying to tell me he wasn't a clown. It went on for a while. I think I laughed for days off that one.

3. I love Disneyland more then my kids ever could. I am a junky. I have not had a Disneyland fix in almost three years and I need to go bad. In the year before we moved to Texas we went 6 different times. Most of the trips were 5 and 6 days apiece. My Hubby said that he wishes he could see it through my eyes. It is my magical place. I cry every time I walk through the train tunnel leading you to Main Street. And I do the park the same way every time. We enter through the left tunnel, walk up Main Street, then we go into Adventure land, then into Frontierland, I will only enter Fantasyland through the castle, we walk back to toontown, then into Tomorrowland. Then I cry like a baby when we leave.

4. People think I am weird. Do you believe that? Me weird? Just the other day a friends Mom asked if I was a bit weird. He told her I was a Lot weird. I think she saw me in these. Apparently this is not normal behavior. Who knew.

5. I love Starbucks Coffee Frappuccino. But this time of the year I switch over to the Pumpkin Spice ones. I could live off of Frappuccino. I don't, so nobody tell me how bad they are for me. I like to get the biggest one too and I don't share them well.

6. Fabric is one of my favorite things. I have had a hard time buying it online because I can't touch it. There are no good fabric store close by so I have to order it. So I pet it when it gets to my house.

7. I think Armadillo roadkill is one of the funniest things I have ever seen. An armadillo on his back with his legs sticking strait up in the air can make me laugh for hours. Sick but true.

So I will tag my dad who I call Fred even though his name is Mike, Miss Gingermonkey (sorry Katy) and anyone else who actually read through all my craziness. Good luck.


Michael Lockridge said...

Uh, ok. What do I do?

cwelkley said...

That was fun and funny! I too am scared of fish and clowns. I was freaking out a bit just reading of how a fish flew out and hit you. I think you are weird, but in the same way I am weird. I guess that means we're related. :)

jillytacy said...

Beth you have the most beautiful eyes! Lol! That's a great picture!
I don't think you're weird, you're just fun and full of spunk and Starbuck's frappuccino!

susan said...

ah!! i think we are cosmically attached!! i live on frappacchino and i switch to starbucks pumpkin spice when it gets cold!!! ack!!
do you drink the coffee flavor?? i dont share either. they are sooooooooooo addicting!!
scared of fish, eh? my hubby is afraid of birds. matter of fact i gave him that as a email name, afraidobirds....cracks me up!!!

Rae said...

Well I laughed! The fish, the mime, disney. Good stuff. I hope your move goes well.