Thursday, November 20, 2008

Quilt Class

I had a very small quilting class at my house last night. Maddie and one other little girl came over to make a quilt top. They just sewed strips together to work on sewing strait. For first timers, they did great. Next week we will quilt it. Then I will bind it for them.

I put together a small box of supplies for each girl. Thread, scissors, a seam ripper and a few other small things. All in all it went great. But now Maddie is going to be bugging me to sew all the time.


Katy said...

yes, but look at how straight that is - she did such a great job!

cwelkley said...

Maybe I'll take your class. :) Ok, I already tried the quilting thing and it didn't really "take" with me.

susan said...

oh the little patchwork is adorable
its great that she takes an daughter is 15 and could care less!! is that machine green????