Monday, November 24, 2008


We were given tickets to a hockey for last night. I have always liked hockey. There is something about this sport I can get into. I hate basketball. SHHH, don't tell anyone here in San Antonio. They are all crazy deranged basketball fans. I am guessing because it is their only major league sport. I don't know. But what I do know is that their shoes squeak, and that drives me just shy of insane. I hate squeaky shoes. Hockey has no squeaky shoes. But they do slam each other into the glass. Our seats were great. In prime slamming zone. We got to see all kinds of faces distorted against the glass.

Now Wyatt didn't care for all the noise. He sat like this the entire game.

The Worcester Sharks (whoever they are) Won. I can't say I care about who won or who lost. I went because it was fun. It was just good to watch the game. And a few good punches between the teams. (I like the fights too) Oh, and we did get a puck that went flying into the crowed.

Only in Texas would you find a restroom sign with cowboy hats, spurs and a bowlegged baby in a hat.

Now back to crafty stuff. I have a lot to get done.


LauraJ said...

I have fond memories of attending many, many hockey games. My dad played as well as my two older bothers. Stepping into an arena is like stepping back in time for me.
That's a pretty funny washroom sign there!

Gina said...

The fights are the only reason to watch a hockey match aren't they.

Love and hugs Gina xxx

cwelkley said...

I love hockey! I haven't been to a Sharks game in forever. I love the fights too. I'm always looking for one of the players' teeth to go flying over the ice. :)

susan said...

haha i love that sign!!
too funny
i think the baby is bowlegged from playing hockey!!
my hubby is a hockey player and i have sat thru too many games...but cant remember a single one!!