Monday, September 14, 2009

Funny Night at The Movies

So my hubby and I ditched the kids with their Mamaw and Papa on Saturday night and went out to see a movie. I am not really a huge fan of chick flicks. Give me blood and guts any day. So off we went to see Inglorious Bastards. If you want blood and guts, nobody does that better then Quentin Tarantino. Great movie. I, like always was the only one to find most of the move laugh out loud funny. I know shame on me for finding the many ways they found to kill the Nazis funny, but it was freaking hilarious.

So we get to the movie a bit early and get some snacks and went in and sat down. It was a slow night and not many people were there. I still have a bit of a cold. But the funny thing was when the guy a few seats down from us sneezed. This woman about half way down the theater hopped up out of her seat, said something like *I can't believe this* and stormed back to the back row where the sneezing guy, his girl person and my hubby and I were sitting. She looks at sneezing guy and asked him if he had the flu. He answered with a slightly confused *no I do not, do you?* Nasty lady said no and sneezing guy answers with a *well I glad we got that cleared up.* Then you have me laughing like a hyena. WoW! really if you are that worried about something like getting a flu bug, why would you voluntarily put yourself into a room full of other people? So nasty lady turns with a jerk and halls rear a little further up towards the front of the theater. So nasty lady like to go to movies where peoples heads explode with the help of a guy wielding a baseball bat but if simply terrified of the flu. Go figure.

Now I need to get my rear in gear and get some of my swaps done and get to the Post Office to mail the growing stack of swaps ready to go out. I am only a few months behind.


~Michelle~ said...

surprised she wasn't wearing a mask ;)

Beth said...

Me too!

Katy said...

that's hilarious. I'm surprised you didn't spend the whole time coughing and sneezing just to annoy her.

Nishant said...

surprised she wasn't wearing a mask Work from home India