Tuesday, July 7, 2009

July? So soon?

I wish I had a list of grand and wonderful things that I have been up to, but nope. I have been loving the sleeping in thing. Summer is so good for that. I love Santa Cruz summer weather especially when I compair it to the temps in San Antonio. It is good to be home. But as far as getting things done I have been one lazy girl. I need to make myself catch up an a few things. Things that should have been sent out last month.

I have to get one more pink tree's block done for Miss Pink Tree herself for our ten make two quilting group.

I also need to make some basket blocks for the little red hen for our 8two8 group.

After that I get to start on my July stuff. I hope by the end of the week.

I am also working on my strung out deer quilt. One for me, can you believe it? It would be quilt number two that I made for myself.

The kids have spent their days out in the back yard or running around with me doing all the things that need doing. But at the end of this month we will be celebrating Madelyn's 8th birthday in Disneyland. Can a birthday get any better then that?

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LauraJ said...

Every July I say the same thing because it's the month of my birth. It just signifies to me I'm one year older, not so sure about the wiser part.
Nice to hear from you. You've been missed!