Sunday, March 22, 2009


It is so hard to get back to the computer during the day. Before our move back to Cali the computer was set up with my sewing stuff in the dining room that I had taken over as my sewing room. Here in the new place of living there is no room for that. So it is tucked back in my bedroom far away from my very mischievous boys. So all in all not much time is spent on the computer. Sad, I miss my virtual friends. But very soon I will be able to get me a laptop and all will be right in my little world.

I have been getting a bit of sewing done. Bags and quilts. Happy me.
Look what Mr. W did to his head. Who knew sewing tables could be so dangerous.

A trip to urgent care, some glue and a $600 bill later he is all fixed and I am wishing that there wasn't a 3 month period with no insurance.


Katy said...

Jeez - $600? Now there's one reason to live in the UK - free medical bills.

Beth said...

yup,$600. Crazy. I hope they will take payments.

LauraJ said...

Poor little guy~ That's gotta hurt! Hopefully you'll find your sewing groove soon!

Lisa said...

My son has a similar scar from a meet up with a sharp rock last summer. (He tripped and fell.) We went with a extra super sticky piece of tape over it, no glue. It's healed really well.