Sunday, March 29, 2009

New Stuff

First- Wyatt's head is healing nicely. The glue is still there but it is slowly peeling off. I don't know if he will have any kind of scar but he seems to think it will be cool if he does.

Second- I love fabric stores. I have always loved then, but San Antonio really didn't have my kind of store. I called them *country bumpkin* stores. All super Little House On The Prairie kinda flowery. Not my kind of thing. I love big bold prints and lots of color. So all in all shopping in the stores there was not my kinda thing. So online I would go. Fun, but not the instant gratification that going to a shop is. I still check my favorite online shop a lot . But I love to go into this shop now that I am back home. I think I could live there, or at the very least spend gobs of money. When I walked in last week they had the entire line of the super wonderful Wonderland prints. I was a good girl and I didn't get the whole thing. I wanted to, but I didn't. Now I have to decide what to do with it. Other then a decoration.

Third- I got me a few new toys. A laptop. I don't have room for my desk top out in the main parts of the house. So it has been set up back in my room. When I am back there I cannot hear what shenanigans my very mischievous boys are into. And let me tell you they can make some trouble. So I have not been spending the time I like to with my virtual buddies. Makes me sad. So I got me a new toy. It has taken me a few days and one funny trip back to the store to get it so I know kinda what I am doing. But now I am here and feeling good. But I am telling you the wireless mouse thing was a stumper. The magical Geek Squad dude was wonderful with his cool firework hair and fixed it with a touch of his magical hands. Or proved that technology is not really my thing.
I also got an ipod-iphone music dock thing. I did get that to work without any assistance. So I guess I am not totally inept. Because we all know how hard it is to plug something in. But because I have mastered that skill all went well.
then I got some strange little device that is called a thumb drive. I wanted to move all my pictures from the one computer to the new one. I wanted one shaped like a thumb. Not something they have in normal stores. So I got a boring black stick like thing. So me being me went online when I got home and found a thumb shaped thumb drive on ebay. Happy me. I won and soon I will have the wonderful contraption. What great fun that will be.

Last of all. I did a personal swap with the wonderful and super amazing LauraJ. She sent me this wonderful little quilt. I am so in love with it. Green being my new obsession. It is beautiful. She also sent that super cute dotty bowl and a calender that will remain photo less because it is of questionable content. Cracks is all I will say. Made me laugh. Some chocolate was also included and disappeared really fast as soon as Lucas saw it. Last of all some pencil cases for the kids. They were very quickly filled with various objects. Thank you Laura, your package will be flying your way tomorrow.


LauraJ said...

I'm glad your move is over and you can now settle in to your little home where you want to be! That bowl screamed to go to your house. Next time I'll send more chocolate and you can hide it away from little chocolate theives. :)

Beth said...

oh, what fun stuff you got!