Sunday, January 4, 2009

sunday stash

Flea Market Fancy by Denyse Schmidt.
This has got to be one of my favorite fabric lines ever. I have had all these fat quarters for a few years now. I am still looking for the perfect quilt pattern. One day I will get brave and cut into my wonderful bundle.

School starts again tomorrow. I am not ready for the early morning rush yet. One more week off, please. I do get more done in my day one child less for a few hours. But I really do like having my kiddo's all in one place.
This week I need to break down and take all the Christmas stuff down and pack it all away for another year. It always makes me sad to see it go. It is all so cheery and warm and nice. But Santa and trees and snowmen wouldn't be so wonderful if they were out all the time. So into the box they will go at some point this week and life will get back to normal. And I will not have chairs in funny places.


LauraJ said...

i have a few of these and they are just so pretty!
i'm still psyched about our swap!!

saraeden said...

Happy New Year !!

Sara x

susan said...

oh i missed the boat on the flea market fancy. i have looked for yardage all over and :o(
so i would have a hard time cutting into it if i did get my grubby little hands on some
i too am putting away my xmas stuff. so im not the only that has to rearrange her furniture to fit a tree in??

Helen said...

Ohhhhh, these prints are worth the weight in gold! Don't cut them up! Pat them for me. :)

jacquie said...

i love this fabric sooo much. it's hard to use it. lucky you!!