Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Can't seem to focus

focus? Whats that? Oh, something I can't seem to do. S here we go, a list of the things I need to do. Maybe then something will get done.

  • Get my giveaway stuff in the mail (sorry to my winners, I have not forgotten, it will be there soon)

  • Finish up LauraJ quilt for our little swap

  • Get Novembers 6" words quilt in the mail (sorry Olivethebeach )

  • work on the 6" triple quilt thingies

  • Katy's sew connected 2 quilt blocks for February

  • Katy's 8two8 quilt blocks for February (yes Katy gets 2 quilt in one month and I don't want to talk about it)

  • Wyatt's quilt needs sashing and then to be quilted

  • Allie's quilt needs to be quilted

  • And our move back to Cali seems to be happening sooner then expected so I will also be packing. I hate packing.


LauraJ said...

Oh dear! Moving!! But in the end you'll be so much happier for it!
That's a long to do list. One thing at a time. No one's going anywhere. It's okay. You're a mom of 3 and a hubby and yourself too! Cut yourself some slack. Put your pj's on and relax or sew whatever gets you in a happier mood.
Should I wait to mail your package?

Katy said...

My list is super long too, so don't worry. We can work through them together, and I'd help you pack, but I'm a bit too far away!

jacquie said...

sometimes that list gets so long i get paralyzed...can't focus and decide what to do....hate that. i'm sending you good vibes!