Tuesday, September 16, 2008


So, on my walk home from dropping Maddie off at school I was noticing some things.
* I miss trees. Real trees. there are trees in Texas but from a girl who grew up in the Redwood Forest in California they look like over grown bushes. So I miss real trees.
*There are no mountains. Here they have the Texas Hill Country. Well, in this house we call it the Texas Bump Country. Hill? Back home a Hill was when we were driving from Santa Cruz "Over The Hill" to San Jose Wonderful highway 17 I love that drive.
* Texas has more sky then I have ever seen.
* I can't get in my car, drive for ten minutes and see the Ocean. Not that I go into the ocean but I miss seeing it.


Lis said...

I miss those things too!

jillytacy said...

I can understand why you miss those things. Texas is just too flat. I wouldn't want to live in a place without trees. I love to watch the trees sway in the breeze. It's very relaxing.

susan said...

i love trees and wouldnt want to live where they arent, but i have never lived near redwoods either! i miss living by the lake. i have always been within a short driving distance to lake michigan except for the last 9 years and i miss it so

Katy said...

oh, I need you to email Grace about redwoods. She can't get her head round them (I told her she couldn't get any part of her round them). I told her they were really big, so big you look like a tiny fairy next to one. I think she thinks I'm lying - tell her I'm not, she'll believe you!

Ayama-chan said...

Homesickness is a bummer. I miss my car (too expensive to own one here in Singapore), my local supermarket, not having to make sure fruit/vegetables/products with milk are not produced in China, hills!! (good this place is flat, it's bump central too), four seasons (is that something you are familiar with in Texas??) and my friends and family. Would love to see Redwood. Being so far from the sea is horrid (have done that before and understand what you are saying in volumes).

Apryl said...

I miss the ocean so much.. going to the british sea side is not the same as sitting on Portuguese Beach or Goat rock.. atting salt water taffy from the candy and kites store in Bodega bay... My parents moved to Idaho a few years ago, and though they are a 5 minute drive from Lake Couer D Alene its just not the same as being on the Sonoma Coast.

so big *hugs*

Kirsten, Mike and The Boys said...

I miss trees too! And no one around here gets it. They say that trees make them feel claustrophobic. But after the redwoods of California, the Sitka Spruces of Alaska, and the forests of North Idaho, this place just isn't doing it for me. I love the town and the people, but anyone who says that it is pretty around here has never been anywhere else.

I miss rain too. Is that weird?

LauraJ said...

when i moved here (eastern canada) 21 years ago from the canadian rockies the one thing I missed most were the mountains, oh those snow capped mountains. i still remember them. i can understand your longing.