Sunday, September 14, 2008

sick of being sleepy

It has been so busy. With school and taking care of kids I feel sleepy. And now everybody is fighting off a cold. That seems to equal grumpy kids and a lot more kid bickering. Maddie is moody and wanting to be left alone. Wyatt misses Madelyn so much when she is at school, he just wants to spend time with her when she comes home. This leads to her yelling at him and him crying because he feels left out. I don't know what to do about it.

Lucas just feels yucky this week and wants to be held. So not much has gotten done on the crafty end of things.

I was able to get this quilt top done. Now it has been added to the pile of quilts to get done before Christmas. I am very happy with how it turned out.

This is what my boys were up to when I was working on the quilt. The found a loose string in my blanket and tied it onto a chair. Then they spent a long time attaching Lego's to it. They were so proud of themselves.


LauraJ said...

lolol string pieced legos! love it!! time to pep yourself up! have a great week!! lovely quilt by the way!

Katy said...

I'm too scared to ask who the quilt is for in case it's not for who I think it I'm PRESUMING it's for me (and hoping the Jedi mind power I have just learned is working on you)
Stop being sleepy - just drink more caffeine! Works every time (ok, for an hour..then drink more!)

Beth said...

I'm not telling anybody who the quilt is for. It will just have to be a surprise when the box is opened.
Who knew you had Jedi Mind Power. That is to freakin cool.

jillytacy said...

I want in on the Jedi Mind Power. . .are you offering a training? Really the quilt looks great and the recipient whoever it be will love it(Katy I hope your Jedi Mind Power trick works for you!)
As for tired I hear hear, me too!!! But you're a Starbuck's girl so just keep drinking the caffeine! I think in a few more weeks the kids will adjust to the new school schedule and things will be better. the first few weeks are hard on everyone(teachers too!)

Lis said...

September makes everyone sleepy, and tired and stressed out. New fall schedules and all. I am looking forward to a few weeks down the road.

jacquie said...

we've got the tired, sleepy, grumpies around here. love this quilt...but the lego string is inspired!!!

susan said...

thats funny!!oh your quilt is lovely! boy katy really wants that bad boy, huh?