Saturday, May 24, 2008

Owls and such.

So it just me and the kids for a few days. Hubby went on a quick trip to Cali to pick up a car and drive it back home. I am a big baby about staying home alone. The few time I have had to, he has only been as far as a 3 hour drive. Never so far away. And the one person we know on our street went with him to help drive back. So here I am, a big chicken all alone. I think I stayed up till 2ish last night, I kept hearing things and couldn't sleep. I know it was nothing but still. 2 nights to go.

To keep my mind off aloneness I have been working on a few things. My English paper piecing for the June 6" quilt swap, no pics yet, a fun little swap quilt for a new friend and this very fun little owl quilt for my dear friend Katy. She has no idea how much our ramblings have meant to me. Moving so far away from family has been hard and I always get so excited to see her name in my email box. It is a long distance friendship but it has helped with my sanity. So thank you Katy for just being there when I have needed to talk to someone.

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