Tuesday, December 16, 2008


I love cold weather. Winter is my favorite time of year. But I am a California coast girl. Winter is cold, but there is no snow. Well maybe every few years it sprinkles down a bit but nothing sticks. So I have lived California winters for 27 years, they are mostly the same. I have now entered my 3rd Texas winter. Holy crap, they are all so different. You have no idea what the next day will hold. Our first winder there was a freeze. The entire city shut down. The next winter you hardly needed a sweatshirt. Now this year it is just plane nuts. One day we are in the low 80*s then the next it is 31*. I don't know if I am hot or cold most of the time. Today is cold. I guess tomorrow is going to be spring time weather. Ack.

Ok, that is enough weather ranting.

My 30th birthday was last Friday. Hubby took the day off work. We went to lunch, got my slice of Chocolate Cheesecake, picked Maddie up from school and then did a bit of Christmas shopping. We got the kids an air hockey table. What a hit that has been. There was no way to hide the giant box so it is all set up and the puck is flying.

My mom, dad and grandma got me a gift certificate to the Fat Quarter Shop. So I did a little shopping. And the wonderful Katy sent me an amazing sewing box full of goodies.

Back to sewing. I have a few things to finish up before Christmas.

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LauraJ said...

Good morning! Lucky you to get such nice presents!! All that fabric, yummmmmmmyyyyyyy!! Next year I'm treating myself to pretty fabric.
Someday you wanna do a swap?