Monday, August 18, 2008


OK, so this may prove I am nuts or there are others that think Fritos are the perfect food. They may not be good for you, but they are yummy and they go with so many things. So here is my favorite Frito combo list.

  • Fritos and bananas

  • Fritos and peanut butter

  • Fritos in a PB&J sandwich

  • Fritos and yogurt

  • Fritos dipped in mustard

I think I need to get some sewing done. My mind has turned to mush. I still have a huge list of things to do but all I can think of are chips. This is funny because I don't normally care for chips. Fritos are the only kind I eat. They are Wyatt's new favorite so I seem to have them around a lot. Bummer.

This last week I did trade this bag for this...



jillytacy said...

Wow, great trade! Tattoos are expensive. Yep and they hurt!
As for Fritos I love them too but I'm not so sure about the Frito combos you listed. They're great plain or with chili, french onion dip and of course my very favorite BBQ Fritos!

Michael Lockridge said...

Oh, no! My daughter is scarred for life!

Good trade. I wonder if someone would like a short story in exchange for a tat?

Fritos and bananananas!

Actually, the perfect food is Crunch n' Munch. Salt, fat AND sugar, all in one place!

Lis said...

Sweet trade, bartering is awesome and it's great to see it used! I love fritos too as does Providence.

Lauri said...

OK-the Frito combos are totally grossing me out over here! And I just thought Steven had some weird!

But you made up for it with the COOL tattoo! And I can't believe you were able to trade somebody a messenger bag for it...although, it is a very cool 'tattoo' messenger bag. Where did you go? I have 2, but I need to get one more.

Katy said...

what on earth are fritos?

Kimmie said...

Ooooh Ouch! The pink skin really shows it!
Pretty tattoo tho :)

Dena Berg (SugarShop) said...

Ok yes I think you are nuts with the Fritos. LOL! When I was in junior high we used to buy chili boats at football games. You take a mini bag of Fritos and slice the side off (longways) and then add chili to the Fritos and you MUST eat them with a spork. haha
xoxo. oh, I'm doing another BIG fabric giveaway come on over. :)